What is Celebrex?

Many people have never heard of Celebrex before and have no idea what it is. So, what is Celebrex? Celebrex (aka Celecoxib) is a drug that belongs to the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug group. It is a medication used to achieve relief from pain. It is given to patients who suffer from spondylitis, arthritis, menstrual pain and inherited polyps of the colon.

How does it work?

It works by reducing hormones that cause pain and inflammation in the body. Normally, when an infectious substance enters the human system, pro-inflammatory hormones send out a call for white blood cells. Those are used to fight the invading organism. The signaling hormones should disappear, once the invader has been destroyed. However, sometimes that disappearance fails to occur. When that happens, the individual may suffer from unwanted, chronic pain. He or she can find relief by obtaining and using Celebrex. That medication acts on the hormones that are responsible for development of an inflammation.

Follow doctor’s directions

As with all drugs, that pain-killer needs to be taken according to a doctor’s directions. Usually patients realize that a missed dose could invite the return of unwanted discomfort. However, too often a patient pays little thought to the possible consequences of taking too much of the drug at one time.

Symptoms of an overdose

That act may subject the body to an overdose. The affected person may begin to feel nauseous. He or she may complain of stomach pains and unexpected drowsiness.They may also start vomiting, coughing-up blood or demonstrating those symptoms that are associated with feinting. The overdosed male or female has allowed the effects of Celebrex to interfere with the performance of systems beyond the one that it has been designed to target.

If you would like further information about what is Celebrex, you can find more details at Wikipedia.

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